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5 Best Amazon Product Hunting Tools Free or Paid 2023

Best Amazon Product Hunting Tools Free or Paid

WHAT AMAZON IS: is the world’s biggest online retailer and a prominent cloud services provider. It is the largest retailer on the internet globally, with 2017 revenues of more than $177 billion and an Amazon market capitalization excess of $268 billion in the U.S as of June 2018. Amazon’s headquarters are in Seattle, Washington.


Amazon has made its marketplace welcoming for New sellers. Amazon is an excellent selling platform where new sellers come and open accounts in just a minute and a few more minutes beyond that to get product listings and live your product on Amazon.

But remember one thing you do not go to amazon’s market because it’s easy to sign up thereInstead, you must have all the amazon information on how you can be successful there.

Looking at the amazon market, the expert says that you should sell on amazon, But before that, you should get all the amazon information so that you do not have any problems in the future, or do you have to suffer any loss.

The first thing you need to sell on Amazon is a good and valuable product.

NOW The question arises from where you will get such a product? But you do not have to worry about this while I am 

I’ll tell you some excellent amazon product hunting tools list with which you can find such products.



Jungle Scout is an all-in-one best amazon product hunting tool that offers solutions for big data analytics, competitor, analytics, estimates, monitoring, and more. It enables you to filter the ultimately Amazon database to uncover some great opportunities in different niche markets.

Jungle Scout (JS) is the favorite of many FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) sellers because it supports you from that initial idea to product launch.

You can also use their Chrome extension for research. At one click of a button, you view some vital info such as review count, estimated sales, and many more.



Will not be fooled by hearing the name camelcamelcamel. You will find this tool significantly help complete. You don’t need an account to track the prices of your desired product, but if you want to get advance, you do so.

With the help of camelcamelcamel, you can see the price history of all the items you have not yet purchased will help you decide when you should buy these things. This tool provides high dates price chart for over 19 million amazon products. If the product’s price is low, this device will send you alerts via email or Twitter.

This tool offers you a browser plugin you can check your best products charts. Currently here, camelcamelcamel supports both firefox and chrome, and the thing is perfect about it. You can create a Completely free account using your Google, Facebook, or Twitter login.

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For instance, Sellers on amazon can definitely appreciate that some features have been presented in helium 10 that we do not find in the rest of the product hunting tools. Helium 10 provides a feature they call Black box.

With this, users can look at which product is good according to their Criteria and which product can be brought to the market at this time. Bring a product to the market that will benefit a lot.

Helium 10 has already been featured in our amazon chrome extension guideline, so naturally, it will appear for top product researcher tools in our guide. This special is designed for those who want to Grow their FBA business faster.



AMZ Scout offers a similar file through the web app and chrome extension as the Jungle scout does, and AMZ Scout is very similar to Jungle Scout. Get everything you need at your fingertips, possible product score, BSR, monthly sale profit, current inventory level, and much more quickly.

Suppose the product you want to sell is already being offered by several large brands and manufacturers. It can be complicated to create interest in what you have brought to the market, which is why many amazon sellers prefer to enter niche markets and why AMZ Scout can prove to be helpful.

Amazon scout traders specialize in identifying these critical trends. You can check using amazon scout’s tools to see these are workable or not. This site will also help you tell which other sellers are inspecting specific space.



Sonar is a free tool that presents characteristics, including reverse ASIN lookup, extended search to find synonymous keywords, and Amazon search volume.

Find the most profitable keywords in over 80 million real Amazon search terms. New sellers on amazon can benefit from using the easy method, and goldsmith is also excellent for it to help the slain amazon sellers in research of demand words.

New sellers on amazon can benefit from using an easy method, and sonar is also excellent for it to help the amazon sellers in research of unique words. To get started, you can use sonar to research the keywords you are trying to sell. From there, you can create your own list and proceed by making a list.

Sonar will ultimately help you because sonar will take care that your list is excellent. It will give you a lot of information in making a good and clean list and help you a lot. This is really a great tool.


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