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3 Creative Ways to Find Best Search Tags for Data Entry on Fiverr

Best Search Tags for Data Entry on Fiverr

Are you looking for the best Fiverr search tag to rank your data entry gig on the first page? here you got today we will share 3 secret ways to get the best Fiverr Gig tags that will boost your ranking within a few days.

these 3 strategies I applied for so many gigs and got 99% positive results on all of my gigs

  • Through the Fiverr Search Engine
  • Through Fiverr Search for Tags
  • Through Analyzing your Competitors

What are Search Tags and Why is it Important in SEO?

Search tags are the specific words through which the client finds their desired services on Fiverr.

 It also helps to rank the top of your work on the search results page. Fiverr tags are used to increase precision and narrow down search results for specific jobs in that category.

fiverr search tags

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A Quick Guide of Fiverr Broad Searches vs Narrow Searches?

Suppose, you include the keyword Logo in your title. It is a broad keyword and It is difficult to rank for this keyword. For ranking, you can use narrow keywords.

You can use Logo design for coffee shops as a close keyword. It only targets coffee shops. You can rank easily for this keyword due to low competition. For this, Flyer is a broad keyword, and Flyer for the restaurant is a narrow keyword.

You can find the best search tag by using these three different proven methods. let us explain in a bit more depth.

No.1 Through Fiverr Search Engine

Through Fiverr Search Engine

First of all, you have to write the primary keyword of your gig in the search field you will find some suggestions in the search field related to your gig.

These are the terms that most buyers use while searching for particular services on Fiverr. You have to write down these words and use them in your get title or search tags.

For example, if your gig is based on a data entry job you will enter the primary keyword in the Fiverr search bar like the picture above shows you when you write data entry in the search bar Fiverr suggests you more searched keywords related to data entry jobs.

In the above case, the suggestions on that and tricky words are data entry jobs, data entry work, data entry quick, data entry operator drop-down and play with these keywords in your gig.

No.2 Through Fiverr Search Tags

Through Fiverr Search Tags

Like the above when you write the required word in the tag box and their auto-complete will guide you to find the best search tag.
you just need to write something about your topic
for example if you are creating a gig on Digital Marketing simply type “marketing” or “digital” Fiverr search engine will suggest the best tag

No.3 Through Analyzing Your Competitors

One of Mine Best also, that analyzing your niche competitors can help you find more opportunities to broaden your vision of maximizing the business.

Similarly, you should research your competitor’s working way and find the flaws and gaps you can fill. You can do this either by inspecting their Gig titles, search tags, Gig description, thumbnails, etc.

How to use search tags?

Here I Suggest 1st make a list of all tags you find, then use 5 top tags (do not use any tag more than two words, you simply use one-word or two-word tags to get better results)

leave your questions about the Fiverr tag in the comment box if you still have any issue

Through Analyzing your Competitors

Dos and Don’ts to use Search Tag:

  • Search your domain and use tag according to your work.
  • Use 3-5 tags in one gig.
  • Don’t use special characters and duplicate words.
  • Don’t use one term again.
  • You can use uppercase or lowercase for tags.
  • Read Fiverr Terms of Services so you can know their policy.

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