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How To Create Gig on Fiverr that Rank #1 (Beginner Guides)

How To Create GIG on Fiverr that Rank number 1

Have any skills, and want to earn some extra money online by putting in some effort and spending a little time? The digital world makes different new ways of earning. Now you can earn with ease from home and work when you want. 

Many online platforms provide you with money while working. Among these online freelancing platforms, the most famous one is Fiverr. Now the question is how to begin working on Fiverr. Yes, it’s straightforward. Just create a gig on Fiverr and start earning. But, before you move further, you have to learn about how to create a gig on Fiverr.

How to Create 1st Gig on Fiverr?

Probably, you don’t know what to do or which gig is best for you. Check these most demanding skills and top gigs on Fiverr in 2023. Hopefully, you’ll find what you need. You will see the top 22 most demanding gigs on Fiverr on this link. I hope in these 22 most of them are for you.

Each day, millions of buyers hire freelancers on Fiverr. Gigs are bought every three seconds, according to Fiverr. It is a big achievement for Fiverr. Fiverr is always ideal for starting online work if you have never earned money online.

Unlike some other freelance marketplaces, you do not need to create a membership account to sell on Fiverr. The use of Fiverr is free.

Maybe you are one of those services that have a massive impact on Fiverr. Step forward and start your earning journey now

What are Fiverr Gigs?

The gigs you sell on Fiverr are services. You can use it to show off your unique talents and inform buyers that you can deliver on your service promises. In other words, Fiverr Gig is a service platform where we tell buyers what types of work we can do for them in a given time and budget range.

That’s why gig creation requires a lot of attention to detail because it’s an essential part of your gig. The buyer reads your details and then contacts you. If your details are wrong, then buyers will not contact you.

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How To Create a Gig On Fiverr?

Gigs cannot be created via the mobile Fiverr app. Fiverr accounts can only be accessed via a computer. Fiverr doesn’t offer a feature for creating gigs in its mobile app. So, you must create a gig on Fiverr using a computer.

First of all, Visit and create an account or sign up. The Fiverr homepage will appear, Go>> Switch to selling>>Gig. Now click on Create New gig show at the top right corner

  1. Write the Gig title or heading
  2. Select the category and then select the sub-category and last one Meta Tags
  3. Add A Search Tag On Fiverr
  4. Create A Fiverr Package
  5. Perfect Description To Portray Your New Gig
  6. Effectively Use Buyer Requirements
  7. Adding Up Images and Videos In New Gig
  8. Publish Your Gig

1. What Should Be The Gig Title In Fiverr?

The title of your gig or Headline briefly describes the service you plan to offer on Fiverr. Your title can be up to 80 characters long. If you don’t know how to write well-optimized and unique descriptions, don’t worry.

Gig Title In Fiverr

You can see the seller descriptions and get ideas from them and write a unique and attractive description that the buyers can read easily. Fiverr recommends creating an individual gig title and avoiding competitive markets and niches.

2. What Are The Categories On Fiverr?

Several categories are available on Fiverr, including Digital Marketing, Graphics & Design, Music & Audio, Writing & Translation, Video & Animation, Programming & Tech, Fun & Lifestyle And, Business.

Categories On Fiverr

Please choose an appropriate category since you cannot change it after creating a gig. You can select a subcategory relevant to your service if you select a category. It means that if you choose the Graphic and design category, you must choose a subcategory about graphics. 

3. How Do I Add A Search Tag On Fiverr?

Fiverr offers you the option to choose five search tags for your gig. You need to include keywords that buyers search for in your search tags on Fiverr for your gig to be more visible. The most critical point is setting gig tags.

fiverr search tags

It is a key point because buyers come on Fiverr and search gig with a related keyword. If you have given the exact titles according to your gig, then it has 100% chance to rank your gig on the first page of Fiverr.

4. How Do I Create A Fiverr Package?

Pricing your gig is covered in this section. Here are three packages you can choose from. Each package is different in terms of price and level of service. Decide what basic, standard, and premium services you would like to include and how much each will cost. It depends on your skills.

Fiverr Package

Each package should have a different title and delivery, pricing, and service options. You can use only 100 well-optimized characters for each description, so choose carefully. Here you can write what you can do for your clients.

Note: You can select the additional services if you wish. Scroll below for other money-based services.

5. Perfect Description To Portray Your New Gig

Your gig description should be more than 120 characters and less than 1200 characters. This is your chance to demonstrate to buyers what you can do and how you can do it efficiently. Provide a specific and engaging paragraph.

Write a perfect and most attractive description that buyers read and give the order. Don’t copy-paste data from other sellers. Write unique, readable, and on the topic so that clients understand what you are offering.

Perfect Description To Portray Your New Gig

After that, complete the FAQs section. It also explains your buyers’ queries here. During the process of purchasing the services, you can ask them any questions related to the project. In the FAQ section, you can add unlimited questions about the gig.

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6. How To Effectively Use Buyer Requirements?

In the following section, provide details about your requirement. Then, you can ask a buyer a question about the work related to your services if they are purchasing your services. Make your needs clear and write them down in writing. 

How To Effectively Use Buyer Requirements

In this section, you can request the following required things for this project. In simple words, here, you can include as many requirements as you think are necessary from the buyer. Then, select the button + Add Another Requirement to add additional requirements.

7. Adding Up Display Media (Images+Videos) In New Gig

Add images (necessary) and videos (optional) to your gig in the last portion. Most people think that this part is not essential; therefore, skip it. But do not skip it because an image has a very effective impact on visitors. If the image is related to the gig or topic, your gig will be on the first page.

How To Effectively Use Buyer Requirements

Most people also make mistakes here, and they copy the image from Google or another platform. It is not good. Using this image, you will not rank on the first page because Fiverr does not accept stock or random pictures. 

Adding a picture of yourself shows professionalism, and it provides trustworthiness. So make sure you fill out this section to increase your visibility.

How To add video on gig of fiverr

Note: Fiverr demands that your video must contain the phrase ‘Exclusively on Fiverr.’ Alternatively, you may type the phrase as text.

8. It’s Time to Publish Your Gig

In the final step, you’re almost done with setting up your gig on Fiverr. Once you click the publish button, your gig will be published on Fiverr. Your gig will be found by buyers searching for freelance workers in your category on Fiverr.


How Many Gigs Can I Create Under One Fiverr Account?

Don’t rely on a single gig and make multiple related gigs. Don’t confine your skills to one category. Boost your Fiverr views by dividing your services into various gigs. Potential buyers can pick the gig that meets their needs.

You can make more gigs one at a time and make them live simultaneously as you did your first one. Make each gig stand out in every way by not copying the content of the previous gig.

How Do I Seo Optimize My Fiverr Gig?

Gig optimization is vital in today’s market. However, to rank among the gigs on Fiverr is quite tricky. Creating and posting a gig is not enough. Engage an SEO expert and optimize the gig. 

You need to do keyword research and use popular and trending words in your gig to increase your search ranking. Optimizing your gig ranking with SEO will help you land clients faster.


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