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A Success Story of Pakistani Freelancer Prof. M Ikram

freelancer succes story M Ikram

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A success story may be a motivational story that creates a spark of energy and warmth within a particular individual that will neither let him sleep nor let him down, provided that he does not complete his target and mission.

Human history is full of stories of thousands of such heroes, those who tried their best in a particular field, Sweated their blood and were called experts in that field.

These heroes are not only a beacon of light for those following their path but also a ray of hope for them, so they will live forever and their names will be bright.

A Success Story of Pakistani Freelancer Prof. M Ikram

This is my success story,

which I am writing only for people who are sleeping, relaxing, and wasting their time.

I hope this story will surely awaken their spirit if they think and dare to do something.

Definitely, I believe this story can inspire someone to achieve success and fight against the odds.

Not every success story necessarily has a motivational point of view. But a story that can show any person a certain path and make it easier for him to set his goal and achieve his goals is a motivational story in my view.

A similar story is here! This story stands with an incident in which a non-technical person meets the GM (Mr. Asad Imran Gondal) of SDM (sky digital marketing) and that person enters the digital world in a very short time and earns thousands of dollars and visits around the globe, most importantly the thing is, without leaving the job.

That person was me, this is my story, when you read I am sure, this story is an inspirational story that can change your life, you must read it

Who is my story for?

  • My story can also be an inspiration for many people who want to work in the digital world along with another job, this story can be a passion for them.
  • I can also be an example for people who don’t know the digital world, who don’t know much about computers, who don’t understand the intricacies of the internet, how they can make their place in this world, my story is for them.
  • My story is for those who do jobs but don’t earn much.
  • Those who are educated but do not do anything, My story is for everyone who wants to do something. 
  • My story is for students who can understand their responsibilities and reduce the burden on the shoulders of their parents.
  • I can also be an example for those women who cannot leave their homes. How did I earn without quitting my job, how did I complete my mission along with my job?

Steps toward Success

My name is Hafiz Ikramullah, I am a professor of English at Government College. The major change in my life came in August 2020 when I met SDM (sky digital marketing), GM  Mr. Asad Imran Gondal.

Before this meeting, I had no knowledge of the digital world. I didn’t even know much about computers, I didn’t know anything about the digital world, I had never sat and worked in front of a computer for hours, and I didn’t have a routine, nor did I have such a job.

A Success Story of Pakistani Freelancer Prof. M Ikram

Something seemed difficult to me but when I was told and thoroughly explained how easy it was, it was not difficult for me to decide that I should do it. 

There is no doubt that I was satisfied with my life, But the desire to do something and learn something new every day is full of me and that’s what brought me into the digital world.

This quest for something new brought me to SDM. The very first meeting was excellent, I found the GM of SDM very kind and he explained things to me very well.

In SDM, work in all kinds of technology departments was going on with full vigor but considering my field, the niche of content writing within freelancing was selected for me.

When I mentioned my non-digital career, I was given a very confident and reassuring response and was assured of all kinds of guidance and support, and I came back from that first meeting satisfied and determined to start freelancing.

It is worth mentioning here that SDM guided me all the way from account creation to profile and even to portfolio creation.

A positive start begin 

The field of white paper and content writing was a technical field in which it was very important to acquire knowledge. I did not give up and within a very short time started helping my client by understanding a lot of knowledge and nuances.

Orders started coming in, we started completing, our clients were very satisfied, our speed of work was very high and the quality of our work was even more amazing.

The reply and response of every client I worked with were very effective and nothing less than a motivation for me. I grew more and more motivated and my life and success were waiting for me at every step.

A Success Story of Pakistani Freelancer Prof. M Ikram

Which by the grace of Allah is still going on, as witnessed by my portfolio and my Fiverr account.

I think it is important to mention here that there are three visas on my passport, the first one is from Germany and the second one is from Turkey. 

It all came to fruition after freelancing and partnering with SDM. When I got an order from a German for white paper and started working with it. So he liked my work very much.

My job was only to write the content and everything else was done by the SDM which included a lot of technical work and designing. The Germans liked our work, so he invited me to come to Germany. I visited Germany in 2021 and then visited Turkey.

In all this time we have earned thousands of dollars but at the same time I had a great wish to visit the world and it was fulfilled. Freelancing and SDM helped me a lot in all this work and in every case, I found Asad Imran Gondal (Founder and GM of SDM) myself just a message away.

  Thank you very much SDM, thank you very much Asad Imran Gondal.


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