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How Does Fiverr Detect Multiple Accounts?

How Does Fiverr Detect Multiple Accounts

Using multiple Fiverr accounts on a single PC or one internet device can harm your accounts, that’s why here I will share how Fiverr detects multiple accounts. I will also share some tips to secure your Fiverr and other freelancing accounts from being disabled.

Any freelancing platform including Fiverr, and Upwork does not allow anyone to use multiple accounts. But most people use multiple accounts for different skills and for more orders to earn extra money

How Does Fiverr Trace Multiple Accounts?

When the freelancer hears that Fiverr does not allow multiple accounts on their platform the first question in their mind is how Fiverr detects us for using various accounts.

Here are some significant points about tracing Fiverr’s multiple accounts!

  • Using both accounts on a single PC, Fiverr can easily detect you.
  • Also, if you are using one internet in your home, Fiverr can also detect all your accounts.
  • When you use the same payout method for your multiple accounts to get a withdrawal
  • When you use multiple profiles with the same content and images using copy-paste from one account to another account

However, if you also have multiple accounts on Fiverr, you can read the below tips to secure your account from policy violation.

How to use Multiple Fiverr accounts securely?

  • Buy a second laptop if you already own one.
  • Purchase an additional internet dongle to connect to a second laptop. You can either use two dongles per laptop, or you can use the internet dongle on a different laptop at home/office.
  • You can buy 1 more mobile phone, new or used, for the 5rr app. This app is necessary to be able to quickly reply to clients and communicate with prospects wherever you may be. Get a new SIM card to get a new phone.
  • Each set should have a small label. One label should be used on all devices (laptop, dongle, and phone), while another label should be used for each set. This will prevent you from making quick mistakes such as accessing your account via the wrong device. The label could be your Fiverr name or any other thing you choose.
  • Paypal can be used on one account, and payoneer for withdrawals on the other. PayPal allows you to use multiple payment IDs. You can receive payment from the same PayPal account but with different payment IDs (email ID)
  • These 2 laptops can be connected using an Ethernet cable. You can quickly and easily transfer data between two laptops. It is easy to access files and data stored on one laptop to the other. Although this is optional, you will definitely need it.

You will get orders if you’re an experienced seller. Most likely, the cost of the above setup can be recovered within the first month.

How Does Fiverr Detect Multiple Accounts

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Below are some important points to remember, in addition to the devices.

  1. Always have ID proof for 2 people on hand. You will be able to submit it whenever they ask.
  2. Inform the owner of IDs that you are available to video verify your device using a webcam. If they have any doubts, they may ask for video verification.
  3. Fiverr support should never be contacted. If you have a problem with a creepy client, try to resolve it yourself. Be polite with your client. You shouldn’t ask the other person to cancel. You can cancel the order with mutual consent, or raise cancellation from your side. Then you can move on to the next order. Bearing cancellation harm. Accept that you have wasted a lot of time. It’s better than being warned and banned, and losing the business you’ve worked hard to build.
  4. Fiverr support is not the right place to be. Every time you call them, your account will be thoroughly scanned. Most often, you will get warnings shortly after you contact customer service.
  5. Now, the last piece of advice is: Be ready to get warnings and get your account suspended because Fiverr has 1000s of reasonable/unreasonable reasons to give you a warning and even suspend your account without any warning. They are not all easy to trick or master. It is impossible to predict which activities could be subject to their TOS violations.
  6. If your service category is not available on other platforms, you can also create accounts there.
  7. You can create your own platform online where you can offer your services. You won’t get to ZERO, so don’t despair if Fiverr bans you.

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