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10 Best Paid Product Hunting Tools for Amazon

Checkout 10 Best Paid Product Hunting Tools for Amazon

It is important to choose the right software to help you find your Amazon FBA product. There are so many different and interesting tools available that you can easily identify products and see this list of the 10 best Amazon sourcing and research tools for sourcing and Amazon product research.

You can find new niches, set competitive but profitable prices, track sold products from other sellers, and aggregate market data using the right Amazon product research tool. With a spreadsheet, you’re going to have a tough time doing all of that.

10 Best Paid Product Hunting Tools

10 Best Paid Product Hunting Tools are as follows:

1. Jungle Scout

Jungle Scout - Best Paid Product Hunting Tools for Amazon

Jungle Scout is the best Amazon product research tool many users rates as the best on the market.

In addition to the tools, resources, blogs, training programs, webinars, and so much more on its website that helps boost sales and presence of online merchants for so long, the company provides dozens of other resources as well. More than 175 billion products are tracked by the platform.

Amazon sellers have access to Jungle Scout’s all-in-one platform. The service starts out with three options: a feature for new merchants, a feature for existing merchants, and a feature for brands and agencies.

As the top spot on the list, Jungle Scout has earned its rightful position. A few reviews can be found here:

  • Amazon software that’s the best in the business, Huffington Post
  • Forbes calls us “the best resource for data-driven product research”
  • “Had a positive impact on preventing Amazon entrepreneurs’ failure” – Inc.
  • Entrepreneur: “Takes care of the heavy lifting on big data analytics”

The Opportunity Finder tool allows new sellers to find high-demand, low-competition keywords. You will be able to see seasonal and year-round sales for any given product from the product tracker, as well as multiple filters, including historical sales, bestseller rankings, reviews, ratings, opportunity scores, and more. Additionally, you can access a selection of tutorials and how-to guides through the Academy feature.

Moreover, its Extension tool helps boost the rankings of existing sellers’ products by getting them more reviews. In addition, customers can also request reviews directly from Jungle Scout.

Your inventory can be organized quickly using the Inventory Manager, which lets you predict market trends for each product. Aside from suggesting stocking levels and re-order dates, it also suggests quantities to reorder based on its AI. You can also see your profit in real-time with Jungle Scout’s analytics, and find new products that complement your brand with their brand extension feature.

2. AMZ Tracker

AMZ Tracker

In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), you probably already know the importance of keywords. What you may not know, however, is that Amazon is a search engine as well.

It is. It is used every day to search for products based on keywords.

Because of this, you should ensure that your Amazon products rank for the right keywords. You can find a variety of tools to help you achieve this.

A good example is AMZ Tracker.

As a starting point, AMZ Tracker offers keyword tracking reports that show you where your products rank for particular search terms.

3. Feedback Genius by SellerLabs

Feedback Genius by SellerLabs

When you shop on an e-commerce site, what makes you pick one product over another?

Reviews are probably to blame.

The product with the best reviews will likely be chosen over the others when everything else is equal in terms of price and quality. That’s why positive reviews are so important in online marketing.

Even if all other things are equal in terms of quality and price, you’re likely to choose selling could make all the difference between success and failure.

As long as price and quality are equal, if you must decide which product to purchase, you will likely choose the one have a review.

4. Keyword Inspector

Keyword Inspector

This tool is more than simply an Amazon product research tool, it’s far a suite of gear, and you’ll locate it continually rated as one of the excellent Amazon product studies equipment.
it is the opposite ASIN keyword tool that is one of the most popular within the suite. The device allows you to pick out keywords that an ASIN ranks for.

(in case you’re logo spanking new to Amazon, an ASIN is the Amazon precise id for a product.)
keep in thought: you haven’t restrained to U.S.-simplest outcomes whilst the use of the reverse ASIN keyword device. you could also see key phrases from the United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Mexico, France, Italy, India, Japan, and Australia.

That’s a considerable gain if you’re seeking to do usa-unique advertising.
additionally, keyword Inspector offers a keyword tendencies device. to help you locate keywords that customers are the usage of to search for merchandise you sell. you could additionally use it to locate related key phrases.

key-word Inspector also has an Indexation Tester. you could use it to ensure that people to your goal market can discover your products. additionally, the device enables you to find lengthy tail key phrases and improve the visibility of your merchandise inside the Amazon seek end results.

5. IO Scout

IO Scout

With IO Scout, you may instantly gather statistics referring to a product’s ancient sales, evaluations, rankings, projected charge adjustments, inventory fame, and more. The platform presents you the potential to song favored merchandise through the use of bookmarks. Bookmarking an item can provide you with up-to-date statistics on an hourly foundation.

moreover, by using creating a product group and looking at it often, you’ll advantage a perception into competitors’ sales and charge adjustments. Product businesses can also help you locate unique niches to put money into.

saved in its database is masses of product performance facts spreading years back. IO Scout can nicely become aware of capability trends by using being aware of which market sports have taken place within the beyond. This perception will deliver traders an advantage by means of staying in advance of the curve, and being aware of trends before they in reality take place.

IO Scout has a few extra functions on provide, too – inclusive of an Amazon FBA Calculator that will help you quick training session the prices you may need to pay, a sales estimator, and a listing optimizer.

Pricing plans:

  • 1 month: $39/ month
  • 3 months: $33/ month
  • 12 months: $25/ month

6. Viral Launch

Viral Launch

selling merchandise on Amazon complete-time can take up most of your day, and that’s now not even counting the work that has to go into perfecting the goods themselves. You want something that lightens your workload, and that might be a Viral release.

casting off the guesswork out of your product studies manner, Viral launch facilitates you with extraordinary capabilities as underneath:
Product discovery – search for your next first-class vendor by getting the right of entry to more than 200 million merchandise, keywords, classes, and types to speedy clear out and narrow down.

keyword studies – explore the pinnacle sales-earning keywords, alongside metrics inclusive of seeking quantity, precedence rating, and advised CPC, so you can estimate advertising fees and profitability.

market intelligence – validate your product desire with in-intensity records on marketplace fee tendencies, income estimates, critiques, rankings, and a typical product idea score.

Competitor intelligence – discover the top sellers’ strengths, as well as capitalize on their weaknesses with some records on sales strategies, ad strategies, and keyword utilization.

Pricing plans:

  • MI Extension Plan: $25/ month
  • Beginner Plan: $59/ month
  • Pro Plan: $99/ month
  • Brand Builder: $149/ month
  • Kinetic: $199/ month
MI Extension Plan:$25/ month
Beginner Plan: $59/ month
Pro Plan:$99/ month
Kinetic:$199/ month

7. Unicorn Smasher

high-extent Amazon dealers typically ought to cope with the hassle of records overload. With a variety of data to sort via, essential matters can wander away in the Amazon product studies phase.
but don’t fear, tools like Unicorn Smasher could make processing that tons of statistics a notably simpler technique.

The dashboard furnished by means of Unicorn Smasher shows all of the records pertinent to your products in a without problems readable format. From that, you may circulate to a particular product quickly to research extra approximately its performance.

It also gives possibility scoring, which lets you realize which merchandise is in all likelihood to promote nicely on Amazon. Plus, you’ll get real-time data updates, which include prices, ranks, rankings, reviews, and lots of greater.

you can take benefit of Unicorn Smasher being integrated with AMZ Tracker to gain statistics about the listings of different merchandise.

8. AMZScout


If several large brands and manufacturers are already providing the product you’re looking to sell, it is able to be hard to generate interest in what you’ve delivered to the marketplace.

That’s why many Amazon merchants choose to penetrate the area of interest markets and why AMZScout can be a useful best friend. it has been decided on by using organizations like Dell, Disney, Casio, etc.

Pricing plans:

  • PRO Extension: $44.99/ month
  • Amazon Seller’s Bundle: $49.87/ month

9. Sonar

developed by way of Sellics, Sonar lets users look at a database of more than 74 million keywords. With the use of Sonar, you could either improve the way you rank organically for particular keywords or optimize percent marketing campaigns.


With Sonar, you may do 3 different keyword searches across five worldwide marketplaces (US, UK, France, Spain, Italy, and Germany).

10. AmazeOwl


As an underrated Amazon product studies software, AmazeOwl can help dealers locate and release products. you can leverage its correct facts to release a winning product on Amazon with self-assurance.

The tool facilitates novices to create a business that aligns with their schedule, for this reason saving a lot of time on studies and development of product thoughts. AmazeOwl allows extra than four,000 Amazon sellers just like you find their first product and effectively promotes on Amazon each month.


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